Understanding Chakras - Cont. Education for yogis

Vanessa Birnbaum

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  • Understanding Chakras - Cont. Education for yogis
  • Understanding Chakras - Cont. Education for yogis
  • Understanding Chakras - Cont. Education for yogis

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Chakras are the skeleton of the soul

Our energy body consists of seven major "Chakras", or wheels, that spin in order to receive, assimilate and express life force energy. Each chakra specifically relates to a part of our body as well as to particular areas of our life. Chakras are not physical entities in and of themselves. Like feelings or ideas, they cannot be held like a physical object, yet they have a strong effect upon the body as they express the embodiment of spiritual energy on the physical plane. When our chakras are out of balance they can swing drastically from excessive (spinning to fast) to deficient (too slow) and we feel as though life is like a roller coaster.

This unique workshop combines one-on-one conversation and individual practices in a 7 week program that will take you on a journey through the many dimensions of your own self.

Each week you'll receive audio for a lecture and a juicy practice to embody the seven vibratory modalities of the human existence, related to the seven chakras of the Indian yogic tradition - energy centers that exist within each one of us.

Here’s what you'll get:
Every Wednesday you'll receive the following via Dropbox:

  • Intro to Chakra lecture: 30min MP3 Audio
  • Chakra Flow: 1.5 hrs MP3 Audio
  • Chakra cards and journal questions

Here’s where it’s going to be:
At the comfort of you own home.
Create space for self transformation, find somewhere where you can have your privacy. Phone must be off or on silent mode.

The course includes one individual Q&A session with me via Skype.
You can schedule your appointment at any moment during your 7 weeks.

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